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TUL ACCN 3010 Extra Points

Watch the Managerial Accounting Overview videos.  See Connect for schedule.  Three (3) points available. Complete the Regression Analysis extra credit assignment in Connect.  See Connect for schedule. Three (3) points available.  Bring a four-function calculator to class by the end of the second week of class.  Three (3) points available.  Send proof you have completed […]

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UNO 2130 Extra Points

Review Connect for extra point opportunities Bring a four-function calculator to class by Feb 6 for three (3) extra points. Send proof you have completed a class evaluation by the date of the last test for three (3) extra points.

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UHC ACC 206 Extra Points

Wednesday, January 18. Sign up for free or paid homework during class.  Worth 5 points. Wednesday, January 25. Bring a four-function, basic calculator to class day. Worth 5 points. Sign up for twitter for this class by Sunday, January 29, at 10 pm. Worth 5 points. Instructions are here  Extra points opportunities will be tweeted out. […]

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