Final Exam Information

All topics will be on the final except for Performance Measurement and Master Budgeting.  The Wall Street Journal GE article will be on the final. You will be provided with the forms for Flexible Budget, Standard Costing, etc. to help organize your thoughts but there will not be lengthy calculations on these topics but rather small, incremental problems.  There will not be one form for each calculation.

We covered seven (7) topics in class.

Typical exams encompass between 60 and 70 questions.  You will have the entire four (4) hours but it is rare for anyone to take that amount of time.

To prepare:

  • Review your notes
  • Watch the post lecture videos
  • Redo your homework practice assignments in the practice section.

This is a junior level class.  There is no final review, practice questions, or study guide.

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