Relevance Lost

Read the attached five (5) chapters of Relevance Lost.

Since its initial publication in 1987 by Harvard Business School Press, Relevance Lost has gone through nine printings, won two major awards from the accounting profession, and had a profound impact on how management accounting systems operate in the 1990s.. It has become a manifesto for managers in accounting and control. By exploring the evolution of management accounting in American business from the early textile mills to present-day computer-automated manufacturers, Johnson and Kaplan reveal why modern corporations must make major changes in the way they measure and manage costs. In a world of rapid technological change, vigorous global and domestic competition, and enormous information-processing capabilities, it is critical that managers receive information that is timely, accurate, and relevant.

The chapters you will read focus on the history of managerial accounting.  Your assignment is to write five (5) questions per chapter to ask a fellow student.  You will be graded on whether the question sufficiently demonstrates an understanding of the material and is complex enough to generate a thoughtful response.  By April 26 by 9pm, email your questions to me. (No late submissions allowed). On April 27 and 30, you will be called upon randomly to ask a question to a fellow student of your choosing.

Ch 2 Relevance Lost

Ch 3 Relevance Lost

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Ch 6 Relevance Lost

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