QuickBooks Projects

These projects are done in the Quickbooks software provided by UNO and located on your hard drive.

The first project is due November 14 at the end class.

The second project is due November 21 at the end of class. 

You must bring a storage device to save the project onto at the end of the first class so you will have it for the second Quickbooks class.  If not, you will have to re-input the basics from the first class again before you can start the second class.  

You must be in class to receive points for your Quickbooks assignments. Please see your syllabus.

Screen Snip your documents into a word document and email to me at the end of each class. 

How To Do a Screen Snip

These are the resources you will need for the Quickbooks projects.

Quickbooks Class 1

Quickbooks Class 2

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