Claston A Bernard

Change history

Change your country

Getting out the vote for Claston Bernard

Vote March 20th for this young, dynamic, Republican, man of God, who was a Democrat until he exited the party.  He is an LSU grad, national collegiate champion, and two-time Olympian.  It is time the 2nd Congressional District had true leadership in the US House of Representatives.

How can you get involved:

  1. Don’t leave the couch
    1. Pray
    2. Tell Claston’s story on internet social media. Click on this link to hear from the candidate
    3. Tell your friends who vote in this district about him – Click here to find out if you can vote for Claston and whether your friends can
  2. Leave the couch for the yard
    1. Yard signs – Campaign link. Alternatively, let me know and I will get one to you
      1. Even if this is not your district, signs can open up opportunities to talk about Claston
    2. Don’t leave the couch but chip in some coin
      1. Donate: Click here for the link.   Small-dollar donations help candidates stay free of interest groups.  $15 or more.  Give up two lunches for Claston!
    3. Don’t leave the couch but call some folks – Will train and provide lists. Contact Alex Berthelot at 504.450.9526
      1. Phone banks: You will call Republicans to remind them to vote in the primary.
        1. Since this is an unusual voting day, voter turnout is traditionally low. Every vote counts.
      2. If you are adventurous, call those who are independents and or vote both ways and remind them to vote.
    4. Leave dat couch:
      1. Canvas Republican voters with a fellow volunteer and go door to door with campaign literature and a reminder to vote – Will train and provide lists – Contact Alex Berthelot at 504.450.9526
      2. Volunteer for events – Contact me

More info links:

Endorsements       Videos by the Candidate    Ballotpedia


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